Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Magic Pendulum Divining


Crystal Pendulum created with a Swarovski Single Point Pencil Drop Crystal Pendant.

~Created to help bring Love and Light to you with Sparkling Crystal Energy~

Antique Green Crystals symbolize the energy of Centering and Balance .

Created with :

40mm Swarovski Antique Green (Teal) Pencil Drop Crystal

8mm Swarovski Light Turquoise Crystal.

Silver plated chain.

Silver plated brass Filigree Cone.

Measures 2.25" long and comes with 6" of silver plated chain with a Turquoise Blue Crystal on the bottom of the chain to hold onto:)

The history of pendulums......

Pendulums have been used for centuries to find things..... treasures of all kinds including answers. Through the ages, people have used the pendulum to guide them toward correct answers to their important questions. It is one of the oldest, and one of the simplest methods of obtaining information intuitively.

~Instructions on how to use your crystal pendulum with be included with a beautiful little silver box ready for gift giving~

Just Beautiful!

❤  I use only SWAROVSKI Crystals in all of my creations.  Recognized around the world as the finest quality crystal there is.  Rich in color and perfectly faceted, Swarovski has been a symbol of elegance for 120 years~
~Comes wrapped in a beautiful white box ready for gift giving..

~Sending Love and Light to You~

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